3 Foot LED Boat Stern Whip White & Dancing Color with Remote

Regular price $65.00


    Approximately 3 foot long from base to tip. 4 foot, 5 foot, and 6 foot whip also available.
  • This boat light is controlled using the provided. By using the various buttons on the remote the color area of the whip will turn off and only 6 inches of white will illuminate on top so you can be legal while on the water.
  • Plug -n -Play, compatible with most common 2 wire stern light mounts. Should not require any additional wiring. Fits into most bases.
  • Once you beach or dock, hit the power button on the remote and get the party started. The color area of the whip comes with 366 chasing color modes.
  • Different lengths to fit your preference
  • Please note that this stern light does not come with a mount/base, it uses your existing light base.