IMD Kawasaki KL250 KLR250 KZ250 KLX250 Piston Kit - 0.50mm Oversize 70.50mm

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IMD Kawasaki KL250 KLR250 KZ250 KLX250 Piston Kit  - 0.50mm Oversize 70.50mm

New reproduction piston and ring kits.

Pistons are cast and replicate original pistons.


  • 1 Piston - 0.50mm Oversize or 70.50mm
  • 1 Rings Set - 0.50mm Oversize
  • 1 Piston Pin
  • 2 Piston Clips

Fits the Following models-
  • 1982 KLT250 UTILITY 3 WHEEL ATV 
  • 1979-80 KLX250 250 OFF ROAD  
  • 1978-82 KL250 KLR250 DUAL PURPOSE 
  • 1980 KZ250-D1  KZ250 LTD STREET CRUISER 
  • 1981 KZ250-D2  KZ250 CSR STREET CRUISER 
  • 1980 KZ250-G1  KZ250 LTD STREET CRUISER 
  • 1982 KZ250-L1  250 CSR BELT STREET CRUISER 

Replacement Piston kit designed by IMD Piston Co. and manufactured for IMD Piston Co. England

The pistons are within a 5 gram range of the original piston.

The ring sets utilize the 3 piece oil control type offering excellent sealing to the cylinder wall.