Honda 68-73 CB350 CL350 Reproduction Carburetor Carb Diaphragm

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Honda 68-73 CB350 CL350 Reproduction Carburetor Diaphragm

The original diaphragms in your CB/CL350 carbs have a tendency to tear or harden over time. This reproduction diaphragm is made from Viton and is a drop in replacement for your old one. When installing be sure to orientate the tab on the rubber to the same spot that it was on the slide originally. Probably a good idea to take a marker and mark the location on the slide before removing the old one.

Sold each. If you need one for each carb you will need to order 2. Even if you don't think you need 2 I would order 2 and replace both to be sure that they are matching. It will be easier to balance your carbs that way.

Fits 68-73 CB/CL 350's using the original carbs.