4 Foot Color Changing Dancing LED Safety Whip with Remote and App

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    Approximately 4 foot long from base to tip. 3 foot and 5 foot also available.
    Whip sets of two with synchronized controller are also available in various lengths. 
  • 360° DELUXE CHASE LIGHT WHIP. Unique spiral design allows you to see the lights no matter which side you can see. Clear tubing for super bright vibrant colors super bright output. These whips have a tighter wrap pattern than most which makes them brighter and more vibrant.  
  • BLUETOOTH + REMOTE CONTROL.  2 control methods that allow you to control your LED whip lights anytime & anywhere.
  • EXCELLENT DURABILITY FOR OFF-ROAD USE. Our LED lighted whips are made from reinforced polycarbonate material allowing it to withstand rugged terrain and enhancing its durability.
  • INSTALLATION. Basic electrical skills will be needed for installation or have them installed by your local professional. Depending on your application and preference you may also need to purchase a switch, wire, fuse, relay, etc. You will also need a location to mount the whip to and that may require the purchase of additional mounting brackets depending on your model and application.