Moto Guzzi Loopframe Generator to Alternator Conversion Kit - Ambassador Eldorado V700

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Alternators are no longer included with the kits.

To purchase an alternator please follow this link below to buy on on Amazon. 

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Please do not assume that alternators that look similar will work. The pulley diameters and electrical connections vary. An alternator with a larger pulley will not fit under the belt cover. 

This kit can be used for the V700, Ambassador, Eldorado, and 850GT.

It is completely reversible if you ever feel the need to go back to the stock generator.

This kit allows the installation of a 45 Amp internally regulated alternator in place of the original generator. No modifications to the engine or any parts are needed. All installation hardware, new belt, most wiring needed for typical install and full instructions are included. Mounting Bracket includes a one year warranty against breakage or defect. Bracket and brace are constructed of zinc plated steel. 

When ordering please note that there are options for wiring connections to the ignition coil. There is a spade connector which is typically on a Bosch coil or a ring connector which is usually on a Marelli coils.

Generator Charge Light circuit can not be used on Police models that still have the "Kill" switch in use. There have been a couple of failures of the charge light circuit on Police models. None to my knowledge on Civilian models. Alternator continues to function and charge but the GEN light will continue to stay lit.


Over 200 Kits have been sold.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact before ordering.

Are you installing this alternator kit and at the same time re-wiring your bike? Have plans to replace the wiring harness? Be sure the check out Greg Bender's wiring harnesses. He has taken out unnecessary wires and added connectors to integrate this alternator kit wiring directly into the main wiring harness.