Kawasaki KX250 KDX250 KDX400 KX420 KDX450 Clutch Steel Plate 13089-025 NOS

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Kawasaki  KX250 KDX250 KDX400 KX420 KDX450 Clutch Steel Plate 13089-025 NOS

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Part # = Part # = 13089-025
Part Description = CLUTCH PLATE,STEEL
Model Count = 15
KDX250-A1 80 250 KDX250 OFF ROAD
KDX250-B1 81 250 KDX250 OFF ROAD
KX250 74 250 KX250 MOTOCROSS
KX250A 75 250 KX250 MOTOCROSS
KX250-A3 76 250 KX250 MOTOCROSS
KX250-A4 78 250 KX250 MOTOCROSS
KX250-A5 79 250 KX250 MOTOCROSS
KX250-A6 80 250 KX250 MOTOCROSS
KX250-A7 81 250 KX250 MOTOCROSS
KDX400-A1 79 390 KDX400 OFF ROAD
KDX400-A2 80 390 KDX400 OFF ROAD
KDX420-B1 81 420 KDX420 MOTOCROSS
KX420-A1 80 420 KX420 MOTOCROSS
KX420-A2 81 420 KX420 MOTOCROSS
KDX450-A1 82 420 KDX450 OFF ROAD

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