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Honda CB750 CB550 Left Side Turn Signal Headlight Switch Assembly - New Repro

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Honda CB750 CB550 Left Side Turn Signal Headlight Switch Assembly - New Repro

Includes all parts as shown.

Wiring harness is about 23" long.
4 Male Bullet connectors - white, blue, brown/white, brown/blue
2 Female Bullet connectors - orange/white, blue/white
Male 6 pin plastic plug (only 5 used) - green, light blue, orange, brown, gray

Just as the original, the wiring will need to be ran through the handlebars. In some cases where this in not an option I have cut a notch in the lower housing that allows the wiring to be ran outside the handlebars

Please make sure that this is the correct part for your particular year and model.

Below is a list of models that this reproduction switch assembly will fit.

Part # = 35200-404-671
Part Description = SWITCH, TURN SIGNAL
Model Count = 4
CB550-K3 1977 550 550 Four Street
CB550-K4 1978 550 550 Four Street
CB750-K7 1977 750 750 Four Street
CB750-K8 1978 750 750 Four Street

With proper electrical skills this switch can be wired and used on a variety of different models.

This switch is very similar to the switch below but may need the wiring ends changed to bullet connectors to work. Also check length of harness for other applications.

Part # = 35200-374-671
Part Description = SWITCH ASSEMBLY - (replaces 35250-341-678)
Model Count = 5
CB550-K0 1974 550 550 Four Street
CB550-K1 1975 550 550 Four Street
CB750-K3 1973 750 750 Four Street
CB750-K4 1974 750 750 Four Street
CB750-K5 1975 750 750 Four Street