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Honda CL77 CB77 CB350 CB450 CB550 CB750 CB400 Steering Stem Ball Bearing Kit

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Honda CL77 CB77 CB350 CB450 CB550 CB750 CB400 Steering Stem Ball Bearing Race Kit

Aftermarket reproduction parts. 

Similar in design to the original parts but the ball bearings are caged and won't spill all over the floor. 

Items included are starred in the diagram.

Fits the following models.

Honda CB72 Hawk
Honda CB77 Superhawk
Honda CL72 Scrambler
Honda CL77 Scrambler
Honda CB350 1968-1973
Honda CB350 F-F1 1972-1974
Honda CB360 1974-1977
Honda CB400A 1978
Honda CB400F 1975-1977
Honda CB400T 1978-1981
Honda CB450K1-K2 1968-1969
Honda CB450K3-K7 1970-1974
Honda CB450SC 1982-1986
Honda CB450T 1965-1967
Honda CB450T 1982
Honda CB500 1971-1976
Honda CB500T 1975-1976
Honda CB550F 1975-1977
Honda CB550K 1974-1978
Honda CB550SC 1983
Honda CB650 1979-1985
Honda CB750A 1976-1978
Honda CB750F Super Sport 1975-1978
Honda CB750K1-K5 750 Four 1969-1978
Honda CJ360T 1976-1977
Honda CL350 Scrambler 1968-1973
Honda CL360 Scrambler K-K1 1974-1975
Honda CL450 Scrambler K-K6 1969-1972
Honda CM400 1979-1981
Honda CM450A 1982-1983
Honda CM450C 1982
Honda CM450E 1982-1983
Honda CN250 1987-2007
Honda CX500 1978-1979
Honda CX500C 1979-1982
Honda CX500D 1979-1981
Honda CX650 1983
Honda FT500 Ascot 1982-1983
Honda GB500 1989-1990
Honda GL1000 Gold Wing 1975-1976
Honda GL1000L 1976
Honda GL500 Silver Wing 1981-1982
Honda GL650 1983
Honda VT125 SHADOW (Euro) 1999-2006
Honda VT500C 1983-1984
Honda VT500FT 1983-1984
Honda VT700 1984-1985
Honda VT750 1983
Honda VTR250 Interceptor 1988