Multi-Color Flashing Dancing RGB LED Lighted Whips - Bluetooth Control - Pair

Regular price $100.00

LED Lighted whip set that are synced together by a common controller.

Controlled by an app on your phone with bluetooth or the provided remote. Even if you don't have your phone on you these will light up to the last pattern you were using when you turn them on.

These have a high LED count as compared to some. Some cheaper ones only flash or blink with a low LED count. These have patterns that dance or chase up and down the whip.

These can also be wired to come on with brake light and/or turn signals. I run these on my own SxS and have the brake light wired in. Even if you have a pattern going, you can hit the brakes and they both light up solid red. 

Quick disconnect bases and wiring. Buyer responsible for mount location and hardware. Many possibilities out there depending on your application.